Quality Policy

«Tulpar-Talgo» LLP want to be seen as a quality-conscious and reliable supplier (partner), who supply high-speed trains to internal and external market in a quality according to our customers requirement and expectations with competitive prices.

Our quality expectation is based on, that the quality is a natural part of our work task and we continuously work on attain quality improvements.


- Setting up quality goals based on customer requirement and expectations;

- Organizing the quality assurance that mistakes are prevented in all processes;

- Educating and motivating our employees to have quality-conscious attitude and to be active in process of continuous improvements;

- creates a favorable climate in the company, allowing the full potential of each employee;

- constantly improve the quality, reliability and operational characteristics of our products;

- certify their products in compliance with the requirements set out in the relevant documents;

- Using and maintaining quality control system to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility in all processes;

- Selecting and cooperating with suppliers that are capable of keeping agreed specifications;

- Using and maintaining production equipment to ensure that quality specification are kept. «Tulpar-Talgo» LLP:

- undertakes to facilitate the implementation of the main strategies of JSC NC «Kazakhstan railways» up to 2020 year;

- strives to continuously increase effectiveness of Quality Management System and corresponds to Quality Management System requirements;

- shall review the policy annually.

General Manager of «Tulpar-Talgo» LLP - Radayev Sergey Yurievich