About company

Passenger Coaches Manufacturing Plant Tulpar-Talgo built in 2011, is first of its kind in the CIS.
Construction of the plant was performed in cooperation with JSC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Spanish company Patentes Talgo. The project is being implemented as part of the State program of accelerated industrial and innovative developmentwith the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The total production area is thirty one thousand square meters. Total manufacturing capacity of the plant is one hundred and fifty cars per year. In the production of Tulpar-Talgo coaches the advanced technologies and materials in accordance with European quality standards are used which allows to reach speeds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour. Service life of the coaches is forty years.

Tulpar-Talgo passenger trains possess technological features and advantages over the rest of the passenger coaches, such as pendular air suspension, lightweight bodyshell, independent wheels with guided axles and articulated union between coaches.

Tulpar-Talgo coaches may be suited to almost any outdoor operating conditions and its wheelsets may operate on different gauges.
Modern automatized diagnostics and control systems allow to monitor all train systems, quickly detect and eliminate failures even while the train is in service. Trainset configurations can be customized upon client´s requests: 

Tourist Sleeping Coach 18 seats

Business Class Sleeping Coach 12 seats

First Class Coach 10 seats with a shower and WC in each compartment

First Class Coach 6 seats with a compartment for people with disabilities

Tourist Coach 36 seats

Dining-Coach 30 seats

Bistro Coach

At present, Tulpar-Talgo is one of the largest plants in the capital of Kazakhstan and has manufactured over four hundred coaches. The company plans to manufacture over six hundred comfortable widebody coaches until 2020.